Child Development Parent Education Program

The MECSH program includes delivery of a child development parent education program. The use of a formal child development program supports the structure of the MECSH program and is critical for supporting mothers to be future oriented and aspirational.

The chosen program should support families to foster the development of their child and must provide anticipatory guidance of normal development in all developmental domains - cognitive, social, emotional and physical. Training in and support for delivery of the program by the MECSH nurse must be provided, including the provision of any support materials required by the chosen program.

The original MECSH program used the Learning to Communicate child development parent education program. The major aim of Learning to Communicate is to enhance the ability of parents to provide appropriate stimulation for their babies, which will facilitate their baby’s communication development.

Learning to Communicate is delivered by the MECSH nurse during the home visit. Delivery of Learning to Communicate is supported by a DVD and Parent Handbook provided to each mother in the MECSH program. The nurse is provided with a facilitator’s guide.

The Learning to Communicate parent materials are given to parents during the antenatal period, with structured sessions commencing postnatally.

The objectives of Learning to Communicate are to provide parents with:

  • information on the normal development of communication
  • information on ways that they can encourage their baby’s development
  • information on the types of toys and play materials that are appropriate at each stage of their baby’s development
  • the opportunity to practise and discuss the above.

Learning to Communicate aims to teach parents how to communicate more effectively with their infants and to stimulate their infant’s communication development through natural daily activities. Each Learning to Communicate session has three sections:

  • Development - See what I can do!
  • Mum and Dad help baby to learn; and
  • Things that make learning fun. 

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