CHETRE Publications

Early Childhood Research Publications

We provide a list of published papers by CHETRE staff in the area of child health, development and services. Publications concerning the Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting (MECSH) Study and the Gudaga Research Study are listed under their respective programs:

Journal articles (including In Press)

  • Comino EJ, Kemp L. Research-related activities in community-based child health services. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2008;63(3):266-75.
  • Titmuss AT, Harris E, Comino EJ. The roles of socioeconomic status and Aboriginality in birth outcomes at an urban hospital. Medical Journal of Australia 2008;189(9):495-8.
  • Kemp L, Chavez R, Harris-Roxas B, Burton N. What's in the box?: issues in evaluating interventions to develop strong and open communities. Community Development Journal 2008;43(4):459-69.
  • Kemp L, Harris E, Chavez R. Knowledge of sudden infant death syndrome prevention strategies in a multicultural, disadvantaged community. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 2006;42(7-8):441-4.
  • Kemp LA, Harris E, Comino EJ. Changes in community nursing in Australia: 1995-2000. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2005;49(3):307-14.
  • Comino EJ, Harris E. Maternal and Infant Services: examination of access in a culturally diverse community. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 2003;39(2):95-9.
  • Kemp L, Comino E, Harris E, Killian D. A decade of change in a community health service: a shift to acute and short-term care. Australian Health Review 2002;25(6):148-55.

Co-authored papers with other institutions

  • Woolfenden S, Williams K, Eapen V, Mensah F, Hayen A, Siddiqi A, Kemp L. Developmental vulnerability – don’t investigate without a model in mind. Child: care, health and development 2014; In Press (Accepted for publication 30 Jun 14)
  • Milne SL, McDonald J, Comino EJ. Alternate scoring of the Bayley-III improves prediction of performance on Griffiths Mental Development Scales before school entry in preschoolers with developmental concerns. Child: care, health and development 2014; In Press (Accepted for publication 17 Jun 14)
  • Grace R, Bowes J, Elcombe E. Child participation and family engagement with early childhood education and care services in disadvantaged Australian communities. International Journal of Early Childhood 2014;46(2):271-298.
  • Milne SL, McDonald JL, Comino EJ. Adaptive function in preschoolers in relation to developmental delay and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders: Insights from a clinical sample. Autism; 2013:17(6):743-753.
  • McDonald J, Milne S, Knight J, Webster V. Developmental and behavioural characteristics of children enrolled in a child protection preschool. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health; 2013:49(2):E142-146.
  • Rollans M, Schmied V, Kemp L, Meade T. 'We just ask some questions...' the process of antenatal psychosocial assessment by midwives. Midwifery 2013;29(8):935-942.
  • Rollans M, Covic T, Schmied V, Kemp L. Capturing clinician-client interaction: development of the 4D&4R observational tool. Nurse Researcher 2013;20(5):11-19.
  • Rollans M, Schmied V, Kemp L, Meade T. Negotiating policy in practice: Child and Family Health Nurses' approach to the process of postnatal psychosocial assessment. BMC Health Services Research 2013;13:133.
  • Rollans M, Schmied V, Kemp L, Meade T. Digging over that old ground: an Australian perspective of women's experience of psychosocial assessment and depression screening in pregnancy and following birth. BMC Women's Health 2013;13:18.
  • Woolfenden S, Goldfeld S, Raman S, Eapen V, Kemp L, Williams K. Inequity in child health: The importance of early child development. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health; 2013:49(9):E365-E369.
  • Eastwood J, Jalaludin B, Kemp L, Phung H, Barnett B, Tobin J. Social exclusion, infant behaviour, social isolation and maternal expectations independently predict maternal depressive symptoms. Brain and Behavior 2013;3(1):14-23.
  • Eastwood JG, Jalaludin B, Kemp LA, Phung HN, Bryanne B. Immigrant maternal depression and social networks. A multilevel Bayesian spatial logistic regression in South Western Sydney, Australia. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology 2013;6:49-58.
  • Milne S, McDonald J, Comino E. The use of the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development III with clinical populations: a preliminary exploration. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics; 2012:32(1):24-33.
  • Johnson M, Schmied V, Lupton SJ, Austin M-P, Matthey SM, Kemp L, et al. Measuring perinatal mental health risk. Archives of Women's Mental Health 2012;15(5):375-86.
  • Cowley S, Kemp L, Day C, Appleton J. Research and the organisation of complex provision: conceptualising health visiting services and early years programmes. Journal of Research in Nursing 2012;17(2):108-24.
  • Eastwood JG, Jalaludin BB, Kemp LA, Phung HN, Barnett BEW. Relationship of postnatal depressive symptoms to infant temperament, maternal expectations, social support and other potential risk factors: Findings from a large Australian cross-sectional study. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2012;12:148.
  • Schmied V, Donovan J, Kruske S, Kemp L, Homer CSE, Fowler C. Commonalities and challenges: A review of Australian State and Territory maternity and child health policies. Contemporary Nurse 2011;40(1):106-17.
  • Schmied V, Mills A, Kruske S, Kemp L, Fowler C, Homer C. The nature and impact of collaboration and integrated service delivery for pregnant women, children and families. Journal of Clinical Nursing 2010;19(23-24):3516-26.
  • Homer CSE, Henry K, Schmied V, Kemp L, Leap N, Briggs C. 'It looks good on paper': transitions of care between midwives and child and family health nurses in New South Wales. Women and Birth: Journal of the Australian College of Midwives 2009;22(2):64-72.
  • Luntz S, Basso R, Comino EJ. Therapy outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse preschoolers. ACQ: ACQuiring Knowledge in Speech, Language and Hearing 2007;9(2):48-53.