Gudaga Research Team

The Gudaga Study has been funded by two NHMRC project grants. A complete list of the investigators and project staff who have either worked on one or both of the project grants is below. This Gudaga Research Team has been made up of a mix of Aboriginal (*) and non-Aboriginal academics and service staff.

Chief Investigators
A/Prof Elizabeth Comino (lead)
Dr Pippa Craig
A/Prof Elizabeth Harris
Prof Mark Harris
Prof Richard Henry
Prof Lisa Jackson Pulver*
A/Prof Lynn Kemp
A/Prof Kelvin Kong*
Prof Peter Smith
A/Prof Dennis McDermott*

Associate Investigators
Alison Derrett
Prof Bin Jalaludin
Brendon Kelaher*
Vicki Wade*
Dr Jenny McDonald
Sharon Nicholson*
Darryl Wright*

Project staff
Jane Anderson*
Dr Jenny Knight
Fakhra Maan
Sheryl Scharkie
Natasha West*
Kerrie-Anne White*